SKIMMIA FORTUNEI.--Japan, 1845. This is a neat-growing shrub, with

glossy, laurel-like leaves, white or greenish-white flowers, and an

abundance of scarlet berries in autumn. It succeeds best in a somewhat

shady situation, and when planted in not too heavy peaty soil, but where

abundance of not stagnant moisture is present.

S. JAPONICA (of Thunberg) (_syn S. oblata_).--Japan, 1864. A

neat-growing, evergre
n shrub, with rather larger and more showy leaves

than the former, and spikes of pretty whitish, sweetly scented flowers.

The female form of this is usually known as S. fragrans. What is usually

known as S. oblata ovata, and S. oblata Veitchii, are only forms of the

true S. japonica; while S. fragrantissima is the male of the same

species. The beautiful, berried plant that has been exhibited under the

name of S. Foremanii, and which is of very vigorous growth, and produces

pyramidal spikes of sweetly scented flowers, is probably S. japonica, or

a seminal variety. Another variety sent out under the name of S.

macrophylla has unusually large leaves; and another named S. Rogersi

produces fruit very abundantly.

S. LAUREOLA (_syn Limonia Laureola_), from the Himalayas, is an uncommon

species, with very fragrant and pale yellow flowers.

S. RUBELLA (China, 1874) is another member of the family that has

greenish-white, sweet-scented flowers, and which when better known will

be largely planted.