STAPHYLEA COLCHICA.--Colchican Bladder Nut. Caucasus. This is a very

distinct shrub, about 6 feet high, with large clusters of showy white

flowers. Being quite hardy, and very ornamental, this species is worthy

the attention of planters.

S. PINNATA.--Job's Tears, or St. Anthony's Nut. South Europe. This is a

straggling shrub, from 6 feet to 8 feet high, with white, racemose

flowers, succeeded by bladder-like capsules.

S. TRIFOLIA.--North America, 1640. This is distinguished by its larger

white flowers and trifoliolate leaves. It is the American Bladder Nut,

but, like the latter, can hardly be included amongst ornamental plants.

All the Bladder Nuts grow freely in good light dampish loam.