SHEPHERDIA ARGENTEA.--Beef Suet Tree, or Rabbit Berry. North America,

1820. This shrub is rendered of particular interest on account of the

intense silvery hue of the foliage. The leaves are narrow and

lanceolate, silvery on both sides, and dotted over with rusty-brown

scales beneath. The flowers, which are produced in April, are small and

yellow, unisexual, or each sex on a distinct plant. Berries scarlet,

about the size of red Currants, and ripe about September.

S. CANADENSIS.--North America, 1759. This is a small-growing, straggling

species, fully 4 feet high, and clothed with rusty scales. The leaves

are ovate or elliptic, and green above, and the flowers of an

inconspicuous yellow, succeeded by orange-red berries.