SOPHORA JAPONICA (_syn Styphnolobium japonicum_).--Chinese or Japanese

Pagoda-tree. China and Japan, 1763. A large deciduous tree, with elegant

pinnate foliage, and clusters of greenish-white flowers produced in

September. Leaves dark-green, and composed of about eleven leaflets. S.

japonica pendula is one of the most constant of weeping trees, and

valuable for planting in certain well-chosen spots on the lawn or in the


S. TETRAPTERA.--New Zealand, 1772. This requires protection in this

country. It is a valuable species, having numerous leaflets, and bearing

racemes of very showy yellow flowers. S. tetraptera microphylla is a

smaller-leaved variety, with ten to forty pairs of leaflets, and is

known in gardens under the names of Edwardsia Macnabiana, and E.

tatraptera microphylla.