VACCINIUM CORYMBOSUM.--Canada to Carolina and Georgia, 1765. This is one

of the most beautiful and showy species, with dense clusters of small,

pinky flowers.

V. MYRTILLUS.--Whortleberry, Bilberry, Blackberry, and Blueberry. A

native plant, with angular stems, ovate-toothed leaves, and pinky-white

flowers, succeeded by bright, bluish-black berries.

V. PENNSYLVANICUM.--New England to Virginia, 1772. This has rather

inconspicuous flowers, and is of greatest value for the autumnal foliage


V. VITIS-IDEA (Cowberry, Flowering Box, or Brawlins) a native species,

has racemose flowers, and red berries.

Other species that might be included are V. canadense, V. stamineum, V.

frondosum, and V. ligustrifolium.

The various species of Vaccinium are of dwarf or procumbent growth, and

only suitable for planting in beds, or on rockwork, where they will not

be lost sight of. They thrive best in soil of a peaty nature.