VITIS HETEROPHYLLA HUMILIFOLIA.--Turquoise-berried Vine. North China and

Japan, 1868. The leaves of this Vine are three to five lobed, and the

small flowers freely produced in slightly branching cymes. The latter

are succeeded by their most interesting and attractive berries, that

ripen in September and October. They are pale china-blue, marked all

over with very dark specks. The stems grow to a height of 4 feet to 8

feet, and should be trained against a wall in a sunny position to ripen

the berries. The plant is perfectly hardy. The variety V. heterophylla

variegata is a dwarf, low-growing plant with variegated leaves, and is

used for pot work, for covering the ground in sub-tropical bedding

designs, and might be used to great advantage for rambling over large

stones in the rock garden.