RHAMNUS ALATERNUS.--Mediterranean region, 1629. This is an evergreen

shrub, with lanceolate shining leaves of a dark glossy-green colour, and

pretty flowers produced from March till June. There are several

well-marked varieties, one with golden and another with silvery leaves,

and named respectively, R. Alaternus foliis aureis, and R. Alaternus

foliis argenteus.

R. ALPINUS.--Europe, 1752. This is a neat-growing species, with greenish

flowers and black fruit.

R. CATHARTICUS, Common Buckthorn, is a native, thorny species, with

ovate and stalked leaves, and small, thickly clustered greenish flowers,

succeeded by black berries about the size of peas.

R. FRANGULA.--The Berry-bearing Alder. Europe and Britain. A more erect

shrub than the former, and destitute of spines. The leaves too are

larger, and the fruit of a dark purple colour when ripe. More common in

Britain than the former.