DRIMYS AROMATICA (_syn Tasmannia aromatica_).--Tasmanian Pepper Plant.

Tasmania, 1843. This is, if we might say so, a more refined plant than

D. Winteri, with smaller and narrower leaves, and smaller flowers. The

plant, too, has altogether a faint reddish tinge, and is of upright

growth. A native of Tasmania, and called by the natives the Pepper

Plant, the fruit being used as a substitute for that condiment. Like

the o
her species the present plant is only hardy in warm, maritime

places, and when afforded the protection of a wall.

D. WINTERI (_syn Winter a aromatica_).--Winter's Bark. South America,

1827. The fine evergreen character is the chief attraction of this

American shrub, so far at least as garden ornamentation is concerned.

With some persons even the greenish-white flowers are held in esteem,

and it cannot be denied that a well flowered plant has its own

attractions. The long, narrow leaves are pale green above and glaucous

beneath, and make the shrub of interest, both on account of their

evergreen nature and brightness of tint. Unfortunately it is not very

hardy, requiring even in southern England a sunny wall to do it