COLUTEA ARBORESCENS.--Bladder Senna. France, 1548. This is a common

plant in English gardens, bearing yellow Pea-shaped flowers, that are

succeeded by curious reddish bladder-like seed pods. It grows to 10

feet or 12 feet in height, and is usually of lax and slender growth,

but perfectly hardy.

C. CRUENTA (_syn C. orientalis_ and _C. sanguine_).--Oriental Bladder

Senna. Levant, 1710. This is a free-growing, round-headed, deciduous

bush, of from 6 feet to 8 feet high when fully grown. The leaves are

pinnate and glaucous, smooth, and bright green above, and downy

beneath. Flowers individually large, of a reddish-copper colour, with a

yellow spot at the base of the upper petal. The fruit is an inflated

boat-shaped reddish pod. The Bladder Sennas are of very free growth,

even in poor, sandy soil, and being highly ornamental, whether in

flower or fruit, are to be recommended for extensive cultivation.