GLEDITSCHIA TRIACANTHOS.--Honey Locust. United States, 1700. As an

ornamental hardy tree this is well worthy the attention of planters, the

pinnate and bipinnate foliage being particularly elegant, while the

flowers, though individually small, are borne in such quantities of

fascicled racemes as to attract notice. The stem and branches are armed

with formidable prickles, but there is a form in which the prickles are

absent. A native of North America, and readily cultivated in any soil of

even fair quality. For town planting it is a valuable tree. There is a

good weeping variety named G. triacanthos pendula.

G. SINENSIS (_syn G. horrida_).--China, 1774. This nearly resembles the

latter, and is occasionally to be met with in cultivation in this