DIERVILLA FLORIBUNDA (_syn D. multiflora_ and _Weigelia floribunda_),

from Japan, 1864, has narrow, tubular, purplish-coloured corollas, that

are only slightly opened out at the mouth. The Diervillas are valuable

decorative shrubs, of free growth in good rich loam, and bearing a

great abundance of the showiest of flowers. For shrubbery planting they

must ever rank high, the beautiful flowers and rich green ample leafage

rendering them distinct and attractive.

D. GRANDIFLORA (_syn D. amabilis_ and _Weigelia amabilis_).--Japan.

This is of larger growth than D. rosea, with strongly reticulated

leaves, that are prominently veined on the under sides, and much

larger, almost white flowers. It is a distinct and worthy species.

There are some beautiful varieties of this species, named Isolinae, Van

Houttei, and Striata.

D. ROSEA (_syn Weigelia rosea_).--China, 1844. This is a handsome hardy

shrub of small stature, with ovate-lanceolate leaves, and clusters of

showy pink, or sometimes white flowers, that are produced in April and

May. There are many good varieties of this shrub, of which the

following are the most popular:--D. rosea arborescens grandiflora; D.

rosea Lavallii, with an abundance of crimson-red flowers; D. rosea

Stelzneri, with an abundance of deep red flowers; D. rosea hortensis

nivea, large foliage, and large, pure-white flowers; D. rosea candida,

much like the latter, but bearing pure-white flowers; and D. rosea

Looymansii aurea has beautiful golden leaves.