DEUTZIA CRENATA (_syn D. scabra_ and _D. Fortunei_).--Japan 1863. This

is of stout, bushy growth, often reaching a height of 8 feet, and

lateral spread of nearly as much. The ovate-lanceolate leaves are rough

to the touch, and its slender, but wiry stems, are wreathed for a

considerable distance along with racemes of pure white flowers. It is a

very distinct shrub, of noble port, and when in full flower is

certainly on
of the most ornamental of hardy shrubs. The

double-flowered form, D. crenata flore-pleno, is one of the prettiest

flowering shrubs in cultivation, the wealth of double flowers, not

white as in the species, but tinged with reddish-purple being highly

attractive. D. crenata, Pride of Rochester, is another form with

double-white flowers, and a most distinct and beautiful shrub. Two

other very beautiful varieties are those known as D. crenata Watererii

and D. crenata Wellsii.

D. GRACILIS is a somewhat tender shrub of fully 18 inches high, with

smooth leaves and pure-white flowers produced in the greatest freedom.

It does well in warm, sheltered sites, but is most frequently seen as a

greenhouse plant. A native of Japan.