FUCHSIA MACROSTEMA GLOBOSA (_syn F. globosa_).--Chili. This is readily

recognised by the globose form assumed by the incurved sepals, while

the flowers are smaller and less showy than those of F. Riccartoni.

Hardihood about similar to the following.

F. RICCARTONI.--This seedling from F. m. globosa is one of the two

hardiest varieties, but even this plant, except in warm, maritime

districts, is by no means satisfactory. Where it does well it is a

shrub of great beauty, and blooms profusely. This species has red,

straight sepals, and a purple corolla. In favoured districts it may

frequently be seen as much as 12 feet high, and is then during the

flowering period an object of great beauty. It originated at Riccarton,

near Edinburgh, about 1830.