HIPPOPHAE RHAMNOIDES.--Sea Buckthorn, or Sallow Thorn. Though generally

considered as a sea-side shrub, the Sea Buckthorn is by no means

exclusively so, thriving well, and attaining to large dimensions, in

many inland situations. The flowers are not at all conspicuous, but this

is amply compensated for by the beautiful silvery-like leaves and wealth

of fruit borne by the shrub. In not a few instances, for fully a foot in

length, the branches are smothered with crowded clusters of bright

orange berries, and which render the shrub during November and December

both distinct and effective. It does best in sandy soil, and is readily

increased from suckers, which are usually plentifully produced by old

plants. For sea-side planting it is one of our most valuable shrubs,

succeeding, as it does, well down even to high water mark, and where the

foliage is lashed with the salt spray.