GORDONIA LASIANTHUS.--Loblolly Bay. North America, 1739. A shrub of

great beauty, but one that, unfortunately, is rarely to be seen outside

the walls of a botanic garden. It is of Camellia-like growth, with

large, sweetly fragrant flowers and a good habit of growth.

G. PUBESCENS.--North America, 1774. This is of smaller growth than the

latter, rarely exceeding about 6 feet high, with large white flowers

that are rendered all the more conspicuous by the tuft of golden

stamens. Both species are somewhat tender, although hailing from the

coast, swampy grounds of the southern States of North America. Planted

in favoured sites, they usually grow freely in light, peaty soil, or

that containing a large admixture of decayed leaf soil.