HIBISCUS SYRIACUS (_syn Althaea frutex_).--Syrian Mallow. Syria, 1596.

An old occupant of our gardens, and one that cannot be too freely

cultivated. When favourably situated, it often reaches 6 feet in height,

with three-lobed, neatly-toothed leaves, and with large, showy blossoms

that are borne towards the end of summer. The typical species has

purplish flowers, with a crimson spot at the base of each petal, but

, varying in colour from snow-white to purple and blue, are common

in cultivation. H. syriacus coelestis bears bright blue flowers, while

H. syriacus variegatus has beautifully variegated foliage. Of the

double-flowered forms, there are several beautiful and worthy plants,

the following list containing some of the best varieties of this popular


H. syriacus albo-pleno.

" amaranthus.

" amplissima.

" ardens.

" caerulea plena.

" carnea plena.

" De la Veuve.

" elegantissimum.

" fastuosa.

" Lady Stanley.

" Leopoldii.

" lilacina plena.

" paeoniaeflora.

" puniceus plenus.

" rosea plena.

" rubra plena.

" spectabilis plena.

" violacea.