HAMAMELIS JAPONICA.--The Japanese Witch Hazel. Japan, 1862. This is a

small species with lemon-yellow flowers. H. japonica arborea is a taller

growing variety, with primrose-yellow petals, and a deep claret calyx.

The flowers are borne in clusters in early spring. Rarely in this

country do we find this species of greater height than about 8 feet, but

it is of bushy growth, though somewhat straggling in appearance. As

rly as the beginning of January this Witch Hazel may be found in

bloom, the bare branches being studded here and there with the

curious-shaped flowers, these having bright yellow, twisted petals and

reddish calyces. H.j. Zuccarinianais a very desirable free-flowering

variety, with pale yellow petals and a greenish-brown calyx.

H. VIRGINICA.--Virginian Witch Hazel. North America, 1736. This has

smaller flowers than H.j. arborea, and they are plentifully produced in

autumn or early winter. In this country it assumes the shape of an open

bush of about 6 feet in height, but is usually of untidy appearance from

the branches being irregularly disposed.

They all delight in cool, rather moist soil, and are of value for their

early-flowering nature.