CASSINIA FULVIDA (_syn Diplopappus chrysophyllus_).--New Zealand. This

is a neat-growing and beautiful shrub, the rich yellow stems and under

sides of the leaves imparting quite a tint of gold to the whole plant.

The flowers are individually small, but the whole head, which is

creamy-white, is very effective, and contrasts strangely with the

golden sheen of this beautiful shrub. It is inclined to be of rather

upright growth, is stout and bushy, and is readily increased from

cuttings planted in sandy soil in the open border. Probably in the

colder parts of the country this charming shrub might not prove

perfectly hardy, but all over England and Ireland it seems to be quite

at home. The flowers are produced for several months of the year, but

are at their best about mid-November, thus rendering the shrub of still

further value. It grows freely in sandy peaty soil of a light nature.