BACCHARIS HALIMIFOLIA.--Groundsel Tree or Sea Purslane. North America.

For seaside planting this is an invaluable shrub, as it succeeds well

down even to high water mark, and where it is almost lashed by the

salt spray. The flowers are not very ornamental, resembling somewhat

those of the Groundsel, but white with a tint of purple. Leaves

obovate in shape, notched, and thickly covered with a whitish powder,

which imparts to them a pleasing glaucous hue. Any light soil that is

tolerably dry suits well the wants of this shrub, but it is always

seen in best condition by the seaside. Under favourable conditions it

attains to a height of 12 feet, with a branch spread nearly as much in

diameter. A native of the North American coast from Maryland to


B. PATAGONICA.--Megallan. This is a very distinct and quite hardy

species, with small deep green leaves and white flowers. It succeeds

under the same conditions as the latter.