CALLUNA VULGARIS (_syn Erica vulgaris_).--Common Ling on Heather. This

is the commonest native species, with purplish-pink flowers on small

pedicels. There are many very distinct and beautiful-flowering forms,

the following being some of the best: C. vulgaris alba, white-flowered;

C. vulgaris Hammondi, C. vulgaris minor, and C. vulgaris pilosa, all

white-flowered forms; C. vulgaris Alportii, and C. vulgaris Alportii

variegata, the former bearing rich crimson flowers, and the latter with

distinctly variegated foliage; C. vulgaris argentea, and C. vulgaris

aurea, with silvery-variegated and golden foliage; C. vulgaris

flore-pleno, a most beautiful and free-growing variety, with double

flowers; C. vulgaris Foxii, a dwarf plant that does not flower freely;

and C. vulgaris pumila, and C. vulgaris dumosa, which are of small

cushion-like growth.