CARAGANA ARBORESCENS.--Siberian Pea Tree. Siberia, 1752. On account

of its great hardihood, this is a very desirable garden shrub or

small-growing tree. The bright-yellow, pea-shaped flowers are very

attractive, while the deep-green, pinnate foliage imparts to the tree a

somewhat unusual but taking appearance. Soil would not seem to be of

much moment in the cultivation of this, as, indeed, the other species

of Caragana
for it thrives well either on dry, sunny banks, where the

soil is light and thin, or in good stiff, yellow loam.

C. FRUTESCENS.--Siberia, 1852. Flowers in May, and is of partially

upright habit; while C. Chamlagii, from China, has greenish-yellow

flowers, faintly tinted with pinky-purple.

C. MICROPHYLLA (_syn C. Altagana_), also from Siberia, is smaller of

growth than the foregoing, but the flowers are individually larger. It

is readily distinguished by the more numerous and hairy leaflets and

thorny nature.

C. SPINOSA.--Siberia, 1775. This, as the name indicates, is of spiny

growth, and is a beautiful and distinct member of the family. They are

all hardy, and readily propagated from seed.