BRYANTHUS ERECTUS.--Siberia. This is a pretty little Ericaceous plant,

nearly allied to Menziesia, and with a plentiful supply of dark-green

leaves. The flowers, which are borne in crowded clusters at the points

of the shoots, are bell-shaped, and of a pleasing reddish-lilac colour.

It wants a cool, moist peaty soil, and is perfectly hardy. When in a

flowering stage the Bryanthus is one of the brightest occupants of the

peat bed, and is a very suitable companion for such dwarf plants as

the Heaths, Menziesias, and smaller growing Kalmias.

B. EMPETRIFORMIS (_syn Menziesia empetrifolia_).--North America, 1829.

This is a compact, neat species, and well suited for alpine gardening.

The flowers are rosy-purple, and produced abundantly.