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OSMANTHUS AQUIFOLIUM ILLICIFOLIUS.--Holly-leaved Osmanthus. Japan. This

is a handsome evergreen shrub, with Holly-like leaves, and not very

conspicuous greenish-white flowers. It is a very desirable shrub, of

which there are varieties named O.A. ilicifolius argenteo-variegatus,

O.A. ilicifolius aureo-variegatus, and O.A. ilicifolius nanus, the

names of which will be sufficient to define their characters.

O.A. ILICIFOLIUS MYRTIFOLIUS.--Myrtle-leaved Osmanthus. A very distinct

and beautiful shrub, with unarmed leaves. It is of dwarf, compact

growth, with small, sharply-pointed leaves, and inconspicuous flowers.

For the front line of a shrubbery this is an invaluable shrub, its

pretty leaves and neat twiggy habit making it a favourite with planters.

The variety rotundifolius is seldom seen in cultivation, but being

distinct in foliage from any of the others is to be recommended. They

grow freely in any good garden soil, but all the better if a little peat

is added at the time of planting.

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