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OLEARIA HAASTII.--New Zealand, 1872. This Composite shrub is only hardy

in the milder parts of England and Ireland. It is of stiff, dwarf

growth, rarely growing more than 4 feet high, but of neat and compact

habit. Flowering as it does in late summer it is rendered of special

value, the Daisy-like white blossoms being produced in large and flat

clusters at the branch tips. The leaves are neat and of leathery

texture, and being evergreen lend an additional charm to the shrub.

O. MACRODONTA (_syn O. dentata_), from New Zealand, 1886, is tolerably

hardy, and may be seen in good form both at Kew and in the South of

Ireland. The large Holly-like leaves are of a peculiar silvery-green

tint above, and almost white on the under sides. Flowers white, and

produced in dense heads in June and July.

O. Forsterii and O. Gunniana (_syn Eurybia Gunniana_) are nearly hardy

species, the latter, from New Zealand, bearing a profusion of white

Daisy-like flowers on dense, twiggy branches.

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