OSTRYA CARPINIFOLIA (_syn O. vulgaris_).--Common Hop Hornbeam. South

Europe, 1724. A much-branched, round-headed tree, with cordate-ovate,

acuminate leaves. Both this and the following species, by reason of the

resemblance between their female catkins and those of the Hop, and

between their leaves and those of the Hornbeam, have acquired the very

descriptive name of Hop Hornbeam. This is a large-growing tree,

specimens in various parts of the country ranging in height from 50 feet

to 60 feet.

O. VIRGINICA.--Virginian Hop Hornbeam. Eastern United States, 1692.

Resembles the latter, but is of smaller growth, rarely exceeding 40 feet

in height. They grow fairly well in almost any class of soil, and on

account of the long and showy catkins are well worthy of cultivation.