LIPPIA CITRIODORA (_syns Aloysia citriodora_ and _Verbena

triphylla_).--Lemon-scented Verbena. Chili, 1794. With its slender

branches and pale green, pleasantly-scented, linear leaves, this little

plant is a general favourite that needs no description. The flowers are

not very ornamental, being white or lilac, and produced in small,

terminal panicles. A native of Chili, it is not very hardy, but grown

against a sunny wall, and afforded the protection of a mat in winter,

with a couple of shovelfuls of cinders heaped around the stem, it passes

through the most severe weather with little or no injury, save, in some

instances, the branch tips being killed back. Propagated readily from

cuttings placed in a cool frame or under a hand-light.