PERNETTYA MUCRONATA (_syn Arbutus mucronata_).--Prickly Heath. Magellan,

1828. This is a dwarf-growing, wiry shrub, with narrow, stiff leaves,

and bears an abundance of white, bell-shaped flowers. It is a capital

wind screen, and may be used to advantage on the exposed side of

rockwork or flower beds, or as an ornamental shrub by the pond or lake

side. The small dark-green leaves, the tiny white flowers, and great

abundance of deep purple berries in winter, are all points that are in

favour of the shrub for extended cultivation. The pretty, pinky shoots,

too, help to make the plant attractive even in mid-winter. Propagation

by layers or seed is readily brought about. To grow this shrub to

perfection, peaty soil or decayed vegetable matter will be found most

suitable. There is a narrow-leaved form named P. mucronata angustifolia,

and another on which the name of P. mucronata speciosa has been


There are many beautiful-berried forms of the Pernettya, but as their

flowers are small can hardly be included in our list.

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