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ZELKOVA ACUMINATA (_syns Z. japonica_ and _Planera acuminata_).--Japan.

This resembles very nearly our common Elm in appearance, and being

perfectly hardy is to be recommended for planting in this country.

Z. CRENATA (_syns Planera crenata_ and _P. Richardi_).--Zelkova Tree.

Western Asia to Mount Caucasus, 1760. This is a handsome, large growing

tree, with oblong deeply-crenated leaves, and small and inconspicuous

flowers. For avenue planting or as a standard specimen this is a

valuable tree, being quite hardy, and of free and quick growth. P.

crenata pendula is a good weeping form, and worthy of culture.

Z. CRETICA.--Crete. A pretty small growing bush or tree of about 20 feet

in height, with crenate, leathery, dark green leaves, which are usually

fully an inch in length. The leaves are hairy, and the twigs, too, are

thickly covered with short grey hairs.

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