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YUCCA FILAMENTOSA.--Silk Grass. North America, 1675. A well-known and

beautiful plant, with numerous leaves arranged in a dense rosette, and

from 1 foot to 2 feet long by 2 inches broad. Flower scape rising to 5

feet or 6 feet in height, and bearing numerous flowers that are each

about 2 inches deep. There is a beautiful variegated form of this

species named Y. filamentosa variegata, and one with much narrower

leaves than the typical species, and known as Y. filamentosa


Y. GLORIOSA.--The Mound Lily. United States, 1596. This is another

well-known hardy species, with long, sharp-pointed leaves, and a

handsome, much branched scape, of flowers that are each about 2 inches

deep. There are several varieties, differing in colour of foliage,

including Y. gloriosa glaucescens, with decidedly glaucous foliage; Y.

gloriosa superba, with rigid leaves and a shorter and denser flower

scape; and another with variegated leaves. Y. gloriosa recurvifolia is

usually dwarfer in the stem than the type, and more inclined to branch

than the other species, and less rigid, with recurving leaves that are

not so sharp-pointed, The flower panicle is large and very much


The Yuccas all do well if planted in light loam of good quality.

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