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VINCA MAJOR.--Band-plant, Cut-finger, and Larger Periwinkle. Europe

(Britain). For trailing over tree-stumps or rockwork this pretty

evergreen shrub has a distinctive value, the bright green leaves and

showy deep blue flowers rendering it both conspicuous and ornamental. V.

major elegantissima is a decided variety, the leaves being neatly and

evenly variegated, and making the plant of great value for bank or

rock-work decoration.

V. MINOR.--Lesser Periwinkle. This is of much smaller growth than the

preceding, and differs, too, in not having the leaf-margins ciliated.

The variety V. minor flore-albo has white flowers, those of the normal

plant being pale blue; V. minor flore-pleno differs in having double

blue flowers; V. minor foliis aureis has golden-tinted leaves; and V.

minor foliis argenteis bears silvery mottled and very attractive


They are all of simple growth, succeeding well in somewhat shady

situations, and in by no means the richest of soil. As they run about

freely and soon cover an extent of ground they are rendered of great

value for a variety of purposes.

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