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TILIA VULGARIS (_syns T. europea_ and _T. intermedia_).--Lime, or Linden

Tree. Europe, Caucasus, and naturalised in Britain. Probably none of the

Limes would be included in a list of ornamental-flowering trees and

shrubs, still that they are of great interest and beauty even in that

state cannot be denied. The common species as well as its numerous

varieties have sweetly scented, yellowish-white flowers in terminal

cymes, and are, though individually small, highly ornamental when fully

developed. Other species of great interest when in flower are T. alba

(_syn T. argentea_), Silver Lime; T. petiolaris, a curious and beautiful

species; and T. euchlora.

The various species and varieties of Lime succeed well in almost any

class of soil, but rich loam on sand is considered the most suitable for

their perfect development.

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