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FORSYTHIA SUSPENSA (_syn F. Fortunei_ and _F. Sieboldii_).--Japan and

China, 1864. A slender-growing shrub, with variable leaves, and long,

trailing shoots. The flowers are abundantly produced, are of a

beautiful golden tint, and bell-shaped, and being of good substance

last for a long time. Either as a wall plant, or for using in some

sheltered corner, and where the branches can spread about at will, it

forms a very distinct and handsome shrub, and one that is perfectly

hardy and quite indifferent as regards the quality of soil in which it

is planted. There are several forms of this pretty shrub, but as they

do not differ to any great extent from the species, are hardly worthy

of consideration.

F. suspensa intermedia is a garden hybrid, 1891.

F. VIRIDISSIMA.--Japan, 1845. This is another desirable species, but it

is not comparable in point of beauty with the former. It is usually of

strong erect growth, with stout shoots, wreathed with bright yellow

flowers towards the end of winter. It is a very beautiful shrub, and a

valuable addition to the winter or early spring flowering section.

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