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II.—The March.

Suggestions.—See that the children keep step to the air of the song. Arrange them according to size, the smallest first, that the column may present a picturesque appearance.



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1. There's Springtime in the air
When the happy robin sings,
And earth grows bright and fair,
Covered with the robe she brings.
Cho. March, oh, march, 'tis Arbor Day,
Joy for all and cares away;
March, oh, march, from duties free
To the planting of the tree.
2. There's Springtime in the air
When the buds begin to swell,
And woodlands, brown and bare,
All the summer joys foretell.—Cho.
3. There's Springtime in the air
When the heart so fondly pays
This tribute, sweet and rare,
Which to mother earth we raise.—Cho.